Gran Turismo - Nobody

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Gran Turismo - Nobody

Post Jul 1st '18, 21:01

Well, I never saw talk of this before. A certain track from the Gran Turismo soundtrack features a lot of familiar sound effect samples:

I initially discovered the track while browsing japanese jazz fusion music, specifically done by Masahiro Andoh (known for T-Square) in his 1996 album Andy's, itself was apparently used as the basis for the Gran Turismo.

The actual album's version of the track for comparison:

Just something really odd to stumble upon; a well known japanese composer using sound effects from a western FPS Mac game for a soundtrack for a racing game on the Playstation.

Post Jul 2nd '18, 01:29

Hey, that's neat. Considering that Durandal came out near the tail of 1995, not too many months between that and the track's release.
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