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Post Nov 3rd '10, 17:25

decided to make my own version of the marathon dude. it is a work in progress.
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Post Nov 3rd '10, 17:40

very interesting, his arms look as though they are about to take off and explode at an enemi [MGrin]
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Post Nov 3rd '10, 20:47

Head's a little tall, don't you think?
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Post Nov 3rd '10, 21:14

Marathon. The japanese mecha version.
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Post Nov 3rd '10, 23:53

Pretty surreal stuff. I'm not sure if that's what you're going for, but it would be pretty cool to see some more abstract Marathon art. [MLaugh]
*Insert lazy "Insert blank here" joke here*
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Michigain, US

Post Nov 6th '10, 02:04

But his arms are so.... so BIG.
Just keep running, just keep shooting, just keep droppin' 'em dead.
Just keep going, just keep moving, just keep pumping that lead!
- Sung to the tune 'Aint we got fun?' by Van and Schneck 1921

Argh, I'm bored.

Post Nov 6th '10, 16:52

This is probably the most realistic version of The Marine since he was from Mars.
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Post Nov 29th '10, 15:57

Bigger chest, rounder head, thinner arms, more emphasized shoulder pads.

edit: please no boob jokes
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Post Nov 29th '10, 22:55

chinkeeyong wrote:Bigger chest

edit: please no boob jokes

Yeah, extend it on the z axis

(I hope you know I only did that because you told me not to)
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Post Nov 30th '10, 06:59

how about incest jokes?
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Post Nov 30th '10, 09:09

screamingfool wrote:how about incest jokes?

TectonInd wrote:I hope you know I only did that because you told me not to

Sounds like the punch line to one has already been written.
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