How To Gather Network Games

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Re: How To Gather Network Games

Post Mar 22nd '13, 19:10

K thank you!
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Post Jan 10th '14, 02:21

So, I've followed these instructions as well as the instructions on for Aleph One port forwarding for the Cisco Linksys E2500 and I'm still not able to gather. I opened the ports and everything, but no luck.

Is anyone else still having problems gathering?

Post Mar 20th '14, 04:27

What's the issue if I can actually host the game and it shows up on the server list but when somebody joins, they do not appear on my screen as part of the lobby? They can't actually be added to the game, and as a result, the game can't start.

Post Mar 20th '14, 06:11

Firewall, check your ports are open for AlephOne and they reference the ip of your computer being the host.
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Post Mar 20th '14, 07:28

I'm unable to open the port. Very irritating.
Thankfully this is not my own router so I don't have to worry about this at home, but it's nonetheless annoying.

Post Mar 21st '15, 20:51

You can now use the metaserver's ".test" command to see if your ports are open. It tries to connect to your game like a joiner would. To use it:

  1. Click Gather Network Game. Make sure Advertise Game on Internet is checked, then click OK.
  2. Set your chat to with Internet players.
  3. In the Say: field, type .test and press Return.
  4. After a few seconds, the test results will be printed in the chat area.
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Post Mar 21st '15, 22:12

It'd be cool if this info was directly on the homepage; a lot of guests have trouble finding out how to host and it might make it easier if there was a link or some such on that page that said "how to host games" that led here or to a similar page.
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South Park, CO

Post Jun 15th '15, 15:01

This is the most awesome thing I ever learned!


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