HELP!!! MARATHON isn't working!

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HELP!!! MARATHON isn't working!

Post Apr 10th '13, 02:50

Okay, so I was adjusting my graphics in preferences, and I remember clicking enabled for "Fill the Screen", but when I went to change my resolution, my screen resolution was too low and would not "view the video mode". MY monitor is a DELL Standard Windows XP 1024 x something something something something resolution, and I am running on a Windows version of M1A1. Anyway, when I went to revert the reesolution, everytime I load up the game it views the "cannot display this video mode" bull****. Please Help and Comment, anything is appreciated! HELP!!! HELP!! HELP!

Post Apr 10th '13, 03:58

Find the preference file for Aleph One and either delete it or open it with a notepad program and change the graphics resolution in it.

It is likely around here:
C: -> Documents and Settings -> (your_username_here) -> AppData -> Local -> AlephOne
AppData may be hidden, in which case you have to 'show hidden files and folders' in Windows Explorer.

Open up the Marathon Infinity Preferences file, and change under <graphics>

That should get you started.
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Post Apr 10th '13, 21:09

I don't have a Marathon Infinity .prfA file and my M1A1 .prfA file says that it works only for first run, so changing the .prfA wouldn't do me any good. I also tried to edit the settings script file but there was settings for graphics. Maybe if I had a complete memorization of the user interface, then maybe I could change it without looking but I don't know it so yeah. STILL NEED HELP!!!

Post Apr 10th '13, 22:41

Please try modifying the pref file at the directory specified above.
M1A1 settings.PNG

When I changed my M1A1 pref file, it affected the game on the next startup. If setting the screen resolution doesn't work. Try setting:
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