Can't connect?

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Can't connect?

Post Jun 15th '13, 11:32

I wanted to get on and play some network games and it's not working for me. I figured this would be the place to ask.

When I click Find Internet Game, it freezes up and wont let me do anything other than force quit. Before A1 closes, a message comes up saying "WARNING There was a problem connecting to the server that tracks Internet games. Please try again later. (error 0)"


Post Jun 15th '13, 12:25

Mariusnet has been down for the last few days as the server had to be moved because the current provider was closing. It's taking longer than expected to be back up as there was some damage during its shipping. It should be back either this weekend or Monday.

Got all that info from here: ... f=2&t=6333
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Sharkie Lino

Post Jun 15th '13, 13:37

Yeah, I figured something like that was up because I couldn't get on Myth either. Thanks.

Post Jun 20th '13, 16:06

I'm having trouble getting onto the mariusnet site. I'm getting a 500 error practically every time I try to connect to the site. No errors happen with the server itself, but I can't register with the server. Does anyone know what's going on with the site?

Post Jun 21st '13, 20:00

Both the site and the server are down now. Looks like the damage was worse than they thought.

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