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Post Dec 20th '13, 17:48

Yesterday, I played multiplayer for the first time, I joined a M. Infinity network game, without ever have played that game, not even the solo levels.
One of the players told that maybe 95% of the network games are of M. Infinity.
So, I guess that the best chance for me to be able to see and play the internet levels of Marathon 1 (Mars Needs Women, etc.) would be to gather a network game myself, but I don't know how to do it. I use a cable modem ZON HUB 2.0. I don't know if I'd have to change any internal settings of the modem or any of the Marathon settings in 'SETUP NETWORK GAME' or both. About the internal settings of the modem, it has a Firewall currently configured to 'Standard security', with Inbound Policy set to 'reject' and Outbound Policy set to 'accept'. It could be set to 'Minimal security' which accepts both Inbound and Outbound.

Post Dec 20th '13, 20:35

Where are the commits, Treellama? Where are the commits.
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Post Dec 20th '13, 21:44

Some people might think that I was joking when I questioned about the commits, but I was being truthful, I really don't know what are commits, english is not my language and that word was really unknown to me. But please do not deviate from the essential matter, which is my previous post!

Post Dec 21st '13, 07:26

I view the Aleph One commits on this page:

Making a commit is similar to saving a document on your computer. The source files are preserved in their save state for future reference. So, for example, if I write some code on my computer I have a local copy. If I have a source reversion control system like SVN, mercurial etc setup, I can then make a commit. The that commit will be preserved (in the control system) as I progress further in local coding, allowing reverting to files at the state of that commit, or seeing the changes since the commit was made.

When working on a project with multiple people, these commits can then be pushed to a server where others can download them and work from that point. Generally, it is good practice to commit 'good' code serverside, vs making 'whatever' progress commits locally. However, if your computer crashes, it will take all local commits and WIP files with it, so that's why the exterior hosts are used.

Terminology above may be extremely off, but you can get the gist.

As for how to play levels like 'Mars Needs Women' you can play them solo by using the level select key combo. (Shift-Ctrl-'New Game', on Windows)
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Post Dec 21st '13, 18:18

Thank you, Zott, for all the explanation regarding the commits, and especially for the last tip on how to play the internet levels on solo (funny that requirement to take the oath of the vidmaster in the level selection screen :) ). Nevertheless, I would still like to know how to successfully gather an internet game. It shouldn't be too hard to configure modem/firewall in order to do it.
I played a few minutes in the level 'Mars Needs Women': why are the Comm Terminal and Save Terminal in that level not functioning? Are they out of order or something?

Post Dec 22nd '13, 00:27

Those have never functioned. You can consider them part of the scenery.
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