Scenery Object Index in MML

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Scenery Object Index in MML

Post Nov 8th '13, 02:37


I've run into some confusion as to how to correctly utilise MML to replace a scenery object with a 3D model. I can get it to work, but it's more by trial and error.

I'm replacing the "security monitor" scenery object of the water texture set.

Here's my Lua, which spawns the object:

Code: Select all, y, height, polygon, "security monitor")

This works fantastically. If I look at the MML guide that was included with Aleph One, I see that "security monitor" has the index of 24, so I try:

Code: Select all, y, height, polygon, 24)

This work fantastically as well.

Now, I try and add a model using MML. Knowing that the ID is 24 and the texture set is water, I try:

Code: Select all
      <model coll="22"

seq="24" doesn't work, even though the index is correct based against what's specified in the MML guide (plus my Lua script works). However, if I change it to seq="16", it works!

Can someone explain the logic here? It took me a while to figure this out, but I still can't spot the pattern, and it's making it difficult to replace objects in other texture sets.
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Post Nov 8th '13, 03:53

The first is the index of the scenery definition in the game world. The second is the sequence ID in the shapes file. Open ShapeFusion, check the sequences in the water scenery collection, and you'll see how it lines up.
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Post Nov 8th '13, 17:32

Thanks, makes perfect sense now :)
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