Quick question about the XBLA textures in M2:D

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Quick question about the XBLA textures in M2:D

Post Dec 30th '13, 18:19

So I remember a while ago, to get the Marathon 2 XBLA textures into Aleph one, you had to own your own copy and go through a painful process to add in the textures and the floating HUD. Now all of those are in A1 as default, you guys have come a long way it seems.

My question is, how did you guys do it? Did you ask the Marathon 2 XBLA devs for permission? That's pretty cool.

This is so convenient too as my copy of Aleph one from a while ago was bugged.

Post Dec 30th '13, 19:42

Thanks go to Bruce "Hippieman" Morrison, producer of the XBLA version. He spent countless hours lobbying Bungie for permission (they owned the rights to the art), digging up assets and code, and wrangling talent for the matching Flechette sprites and the M1 floating HUD. Treellama and I did a lot of scripting and packaging work, but Bruce was the man who talked Bungie into making these goodies available for everyone.

If you want to thank him, check out the games he's making over at Man Up Time Studios.
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