Old M2 Graphics?

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Old M2 Graphics?

Post Apr 17th '14, 08:20

Hey I haven't played Aleph One in a long while. I just downloaded my favorite title from the Marathon series M2 that is. And well I see the XBLA graphics replaced the originals. I personally don't like the X-box graphics. They were interesting when M2 was released on the X-box but I find them to be ugly as all hell. But anyways is there a way I can switch the graphics back to the way they were meant to be? Or do I need to DL a set of files to do so? And if so would someone be able to link it to me.

All the best,
Black Heart
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Black Heart_92

Post Apr 17th '14, 08:48

My dear Number 92,

All you need to do to disable {the things that should not be included much less enabled in the default install} is to enter the preferences menu via the title screen, select "environment", then "plugins", then go down the list that appears clicking each time upon the unfortunate word "Enabled" until everything offensive is greyed out.


Post May 7th '14, 01:31

Lol thanks guy. I ended up figuring it out aha xD
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Black Heart_92

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