Aleph One 1.1 from M1A1

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Aleph One 1.1 from M1A1

Post Oct 30th '14, 03:49

I've been playing Aleph One M1A1 on and off for a while. If I'm reading correctly, the new release includes original Marathon maps/shapes/physics/etc.

I've tried loading my M1A1 saved games and they fail (scenario file cannot be found). I'm guessing that this is because of the different map files. I'm able to actually get the old saved games working by copying the older version's M1A1 maps/etc to the new version's application directory.

I guess my actual question is 2-fold: Is there a way to migrate from saved games under M1A1? Is there an actual difference?

Post Oct 30th '14, 05:43

My understanding is even small changes to the map, like the addition/subtraction of one polygon, will make the save game incompatible. As you found, the newer engine can read your old save games just fine if it has the corresponding data files - the operative difference in the engine is that it can read the original M1 data files, whereas Aleph One couldn't before.

Perhaps the glass-half-full outlook is that this is your opportunity to start a new game and experience the unadulterated version of M1. If that strikes you as too time intensive, there's always Command-Option-New Game [MSmile].
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