Aelph one instantly quits.

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Aelph one instantly quits.

Post May 1st '15, 17:07

Aelph one immediately quits as soon as I open it.

Open quit. Doesn't even do anything. Just the icon appears in the dock and then vanishes.
No error warning or anything.

Nobody else is having this problem? I think it started with Mountian Lion.

I'm on a Retina MacBook Pro i7 2.7 ghz mid 2012 model.

i've run all versions of Marathon before on this. but since the latest OS X updates there has been issues.

This is a recent install, the current system i'm running so It's nothing wrong there.

Please help? :(
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Post May 2nd '15, 00:22

There are a couple things that could be going wrong, so first we need to narrow down the problem. Open the Console app (in the Applications > Utilities folder) and check the following:

  • Launch Aleph One, and after it quits, select "All Messages" in the sidebar and look at the last message in the list. If it mentions Aleph One, copy it and post the message here.
  • Inside the "User Diagnostic Reports" section in the sidebar, see if there's a crash report for Aleph One. (You can move reports to the Trash with the contextual menu, in case there are a bunch.) If your launches create reports here, check the Date/Time line of the report to make sure it's current, and post it here inside a spoiler tag to cut down on the length.
  • Inside the "~/Library/Logs" section in the sidebar, see if there's an "Aleph One Log.txt". (If you're running an all-in-one build, look for "Marathon Log.txt", etc. instead.) The file should have an entry for each launch, with a bunch of dashes and the date, then any error messages produced during the run. Post whether you get an entry created each time you launch, and also any messages you get.
That will really help us figure out what's going on, so we can help get you playing again. Thanks in advance!
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Post May 2nd '15, 03:03

5/2/15 11:02:40.078 AM Marathon Infinity[6481]: WARNING: The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning 10.9.2 instead of 10.10.2. Use NSProcessInfo's operatingSystemVersion property to get correct system version number.
Call location:
5/2/15 11:02:40.078 AM Marathon Infinity[6481]: 0 CarbonCore 0x00007fff91455d9b ___Gestalt_SystemVersion_block_invoke + 113
5/2/15 11:02:40.079 AM Marathon Infinity[6481]: 1 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff9b16ac13 _dispatch_client_callout + 8
5/2/15 11:02:40.079 AM Marathon Infinity[6481]: 2 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff9b16ab26 dispatch_once_f + 117
5/2/15 11:02:40.079 AM Marathon Infinity[6481]: 3 CarbonCore 0x00007fff913fe3ca _Gestalt_SystemVersion + 987
5/2/15 11:02:40.079 AM Marathon Infinity[6481]: 4 CarbonCore 0x00007fff913fdfb7 Gestalt + 144
5/2/15 11:02:40.079 AM Marathon Infinity[6481]: 5 SDL 0x0000000100591d6b SDL_SoftStretch + 17771
5/2/15 11:02:40.079 AM Marathon Infinity[6481]: 6 SDL 0x00000001005865bb SDL_VideoInit + 555
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Post May 2nd '15, 03:05

I'm not seeing any logs or diagnostic reports in the sidebar section.


I'm also getting this "error" constantly on the console...

5/2/15 11:04:54.235 AM nsurlstoraged[227]: Error: stepSQLStatement:toCompletionWithRetry - stepping returned unhandled result=11, DB=/Users/zacharymorris/Library/Caches/

it posts every second on the console
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Post May 11th '15, 23:40

Hmm, that error about the Safari cache doesn't sound good, even though it shouldn't affect Marathon. I also see you're not running the latest Yosemite. Upgrade to 10.10.3, reboot, use Safari a bit, and see if that every-second error comes back. If it still happens after that, try "Clear History and Website Data" from the Safari menu.

As for Marathon Infinity, the message you included was very helpful: it ruled out a lot of possible problems. Unfortunately, I'm stumped as to what actually is going wrong, since the obvious things are all going right! We're going to have to look harder for that log file.

Go to the Finder, choose "Go to Folder..." (Cmd+Shift+G), type in "~/Library/Logs" without the quotes, and hit Go. You should have a "Marathon Infinity Log" file in this folder. You'll also find a "DiagnosticReports" folder, which is where crashes get saved. Check for any files with "Marathon" in the name there.
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Post Jun 6th '15, 16:52

One of my friends has a similar issue, and I've had that happen once or twice in the past to my version of Marathon 2. I can't guarantee it's the same issue but here's the crash report and relevant section of the log file. Hope it helps.

Post Oct 13th '15, 19:33

Hello, I have exactly the same problem: Aleph one instantly quits after a short black screen. The same happens e.g. with the Marathon2 App. This is only after I have moved from my old 17" MacBookPro to a new 15" MacBookPro with Core i7 and Retina Display and installing the newest version of Yosemite.

I have already deleted all Marathon and Bungie preferences. In my log files I only find the following entry:

Trying OpenGL 16-bit mode (/Users/jeremiah/Source/alephone-svn/trunk/PBProjects/../Source_Files/RenderOther/screen.cpp:800)

Well, a user jeremiah definitely does not exist on my Macbook, so that seems to be strange, I think. I have deleted an reinstalled Marathon and Alephone some times, that does not help. A short black screen after starting Marathon2 or AlephOne is al that happens.

Does anybody have an idea what is wrong or what I must do to get a working Marathon again?

Thanks to all who could help!

Post Oct 13th '15, 23:13

I've heard of this problem before. Do you also run into memory issues or have your screen turn black? If so, it means you're having blackouts and your other personality, Jeremiah, is screwing with your system.
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Post Oct 15th '15, 17:09

@sas: Please try the 1.3a1 release; I believe it fixes the black-screen crash. If not, you should at least get a different set of error messages. If you can report back either way, I'd really appreciate it.

FYI, the user "jeremiah" is me -- that path was added to the diagnostic message when Aleph One was compiled, and isn't specific to your computer at all.
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Post Oct 15th '15, 23:59

sas is hopper
just found out
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Post Oct 16th '15, 09:06

@ Hopper, Thanks for you help, i have just downloaded 1.3a1, and it seems to work (haven't played it yet, just tried)! Now I go on a week's vacation and look forward to a little marathon playing, that was just in time :-)

@wrkncacnter: I had no memory issues at all an no turning-black-screen. The only problem I had a few times was a total hang-up of the finder after waking the Mac in a different WLAN environment, but I think that is something completely different.

@irons: i saw hopper created the 1.3a1, but one thing is sure - it's not me :-)

Thanks again!

Post Aug 31st '16, 00:17

It was my resolution... had to lower it down to 1400 or so.
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