help a vanilla marathon'er learn fancy tricks

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help a vanilla marathon'er learn fancy tricks

Post Feb 3rd '16, 09:07

Hi--I finally am making maps entirely with non-vanilla tools. A month or so ago I basically finished my first Weland map and have been developing its sequel recently (I again am probably just going to paste it onto the final levels of my previously released map set), unfortunately there are various tricks (I assume which require scripting) that are basically required for the level to be completed and playable as intended.

Since I don't know my head from a hole in the ground when it comes to scripting, or for that matter even more intricate physics model altering, I am hoping the community can help me out here and tell me how to accomplish the following:

have a monster transport out once its vitality has zero'ed out instead of die. I was playing Super Metroid--my favorite game of all time--the other day and in the prologue you fight Ripley to the point where one of you is almost dead, and then Ripley flies away. I would like to recreate something like this. Like, the guy I want you to be fighting is going to bail out before dying and you have to follow him into the next level to finish him off...

make it so a monster doesn't "flinch" when hit, to avoid pain-locking them. as far as I remember, the Juggernaut is the only monster whom you cannot lock up. (this goes back to an idea I had for a level I uploaded a while back with the intention of making boss-type characters)

have the death of a specific monster trigger a certain tag (someone explained this to me earlier, I will go dig it up, but wanted to include it in here for shits n giggles)

put music in levels!! I have seen this in many "modern" scenarios and I cannot figure it out. Figured if I split the map files up, the music would just be an extra mp3 added in Atque and I could duplicate the process. no such luck!

make a free-standing bridge (just kidding)

ok I guess it was only three things. Thanks though. Hopefully I can upload these monstrosities of levels soon.

Post Feb 3rd '16, 17:55

You can remove the pain-flinch on monsters in the physics file by going into the monster's "appearance and sounds" and setting the value for "Hit" to -1 and it just won't play and animation for being hit.

Having a monster "transport out" just requires you to go into the shapes file for the monster and set the "transfer mode" for the dying animation to "fold out".
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Post Feb 4th '16, 06:11

doctorbenjiphd wrote:make a free-standing bridge (just kidding)
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