Aleph One : active monsters limit

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Aleph One : active monsters limit

Post Jun 7th '16, 11:20

Hello guys,
It's been a long time I haven't come here, maybe 10 years. So, guys, nice to see you!
10 years ago, I wanted to create large maps with huuuge number of active monsters at once. But I came accross a game limit: you can have only a few active monsters at a given time.

10 years later, here I am: I've started to look at the Alpeh One code and I came accross the limit, which is 20 (in dynamic_limits.h : _dynamic_limit_monsters). Why this number? Why not increasing it? Would it break existing scenarios? Increasing it allows me to do what I wanted years ago. ;)

BTW, I've updated the expat build script, feel free to have a look at my pull request on github.

Post Jun 7th '16, 12:42


I can't account for what the state of Aleph One was nearly 10 years ago as I wasn't there, but in the 1.1 update of Aleph One Hopper and Treellama restored the original Infinity AI limits. They did this so Aleph One would be more compatible with older scenarios. Apparently the larger ai number would cause more enemies to activate than was intended back in those scenarios and disrupt the intended gameplay. The side effect of this is it somewhat broke newer scenario's that depended on higher ai values.

You can read Hoppers post about it Here as well as information on how to restore the pre 1.1 ai limits.
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Post Jun 7th '16, 13:03

Wow, I should have used search feature, I guess. ;)
I see that there's a MML value for that, great!

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