Marathon 1 needs a serious facelift.

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Marathon 1 needs a serious facelift.

Post Dec 17th '16, 02:45

Hey guys. I've noticed that recently a lot of work has been put into making Marathon 2 and Infinity look better than ever, and this is fantastic. Why, though, has there been relatively so little work put into the original Marathon in terms of graphical updates? For one thing, it's fair to assume that polishing Marathon would bring in new players, which is something we'd all like. It is a jarring experience to hop from the now pristine sharpness of 2/Infinity into the muddy depths of Marathon with it's 90s throwbacks.

Post Dec 17th '16, 05:16

Something to do with M1's different file formats, maybe? (AFAIK most of the A1 tools are designed to handle M2/MI formats and don't like M1's) Or plain old lack of focus compared to the more polished (base-game-wise) M2 and MI.
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Post Dec 17th '16, 19:18

Because a now defunct company by the name of Freeverse redid the graphics for the XBLA re-release of marathon 2. All was needed to make it work for infinity was to fill in several holes which was not an insignificant amount of work. (And it's been several years for that to happen). To redo all the sprites for marathon 1, which has it's own art style, would be an enormous undertaking. There is only one person here who has the skills to possibly do it, but it would take an ungodly amount of time. And I'm sure he has other things to do. As such, I wouldn't hold your breath.
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