Chapter Screen Error

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Chapter Screen Error

Post Apr 29th '17, 23:01

Well met!

I have an error to report.
The screen is black when the game is supposed to show a chapter screen from Counterattack and onwards.
The background sound effect is still audible, and the game loads the next chapter as it should.

After testing fairly extensively, on two separate computers, I've concluded that it doesn't occur in Open GL (Classic or Shader). Also, the initial chapter screen (Arrival) shows up fine with all renderers.

Windows 7 Professional x64 / Windows 7 Ultimate x32.
GeForce GTX 980, driver version: / GeForce 8800, driver version unknown, likely current).
Aleph One version 20150620: Marathon scenario. Fresh, untampered install (no settings changed).
Renderer: Software.

Post Apr 29th '17, 23:07

Bug reports are typically posted to github I don't know how much traction this will get being posted to Pfhorums only.
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Post Apr 30th '17, 08:11

Thanks! I posted it there too.

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