Getting original maps to work

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Getting original maps to work

Post Aug 8th '17, 20:51

Hello everyone, my first post on here, and a total technophobe, so please be gentle :-)

Years ago I built loads of small maps (Mac OS9) purely for 3-player battles. I've downloaded the version that runs on OSX, but can only see the original map. How do I get the maps I created to run (along with several others which were old favourites from the Infinity disc) on the OSX version?

Many thanks in advance.
Blaster Bates

Post Aug 8th '17, 21:45

Are you saying you need general instructions on how to load external maps?

In the Preferences there is a section called Environment, and in there you can select any map files that have been put in the same folder as the Aleph One app.

Or are you saying that when you do that, you don't see the maps you put in there?
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Post Aug 9th '17, 13:16

You can install maps into your Library/Application Support/Marathon Infinity folder, and they will show up in environment prefs. You have to hold option down when clicking the "Go" menu in the finder in order for your Library folder to show up.

If you just want to quickly test one solo map, you can drag and drop it on Marathon Infinity. It will be selected when you start game.
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Post Aug 10th '17, 14:09

Ah, yes dropping it onto the icon worked for a single map. I will drop some more onto it later. Thanks very much!
Blaster Bates

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