Aleph One packages, animated textures and fog

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Aleph One packages, animated textures and fog

Post Feb 26th '18, 18:26

Hi. I wanted to play again after so many years, taking advantage of the wonderful plugins the community has provided so i have a few questions about Aleph One:

1) Are there any differences between the standalone Marathon distributions found in github and the Aleph One program plus the appropriate Data?

2) Do animated textures, ie terminals and pattern buffers, work on the latest versions? For which games are they available? They only show up for me in a 2011 release of M1.

3) On the same note as 2, enabling fog only works with that old version. Are these features broken or do I have a problem with my setup?


Post Feb 26th '18, 19:12

Those features aren't broken; they simply weren't part of the original game. Aleph One switched to using the original Marathon game data back in 2012, which didn't specify animated textures or fog.
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