Question about Terminal Strings

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Question about Terminal Strings

Post May 8th '18, 18:05

As the title suggests, I have a quick MML question for anyone who might be able to answer. The text that appears in the red bars at the top and bottom of each terminal page is determined by MML strings under 'stringset index="135"'. Inside M1, the relevant code, located in the file 'Marathon.mml', looks something like this:

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  <stringset index="135">
    <string index="0">U.E.S.C. Marathon</string>
    <string index="1">Opening Connection to &#xDF;.4.5-23</string>
    <string index="2">CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems Inc.</string>
    <string index="3">&lt;931.461.60231.14.vt920&gt;</string>
    <string index="4">UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override)</string>
    <string index="5">PgUp/PgDown/Arrows To Scroll</string>
    <string index="6">Return/Enter To Acknowledge</string>
    <string index="7">Disconnecting...</string>
    <string index="8">Connection Terminated.</string>
    <string index="9">%H%M %m.%d.%Y</string>

My question is about string index 9, which generates the date listed in the top right corner of the terminal screen - how does this work? Where are the values for '%H', '%M', etc. stored/created, and what are the default values?

Sorry if I'm just missing something totally obvious - while I've tinkered around before with mml and lua scripting for Aleph One, I am most certainly not what you would call an 'expert' on the subject.
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Post May 8th '18, 18:41

The letters correspond to parts of the date: ... ftime.html

For Marathon, the date is Thu Aug 24 18:42:17 EDT 1995 plus seven minutes for each second that passes in the game.

For Marathon 2, the date is Tue May 9 21:42:17 EDT 1995 plus one second for each second that passes in the game.

The year is set to 2337 before being displayed in the terminal.
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Post May 8th '18, 21:10

Got it, thanks for the quick response. :)
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