Correct way to add new dependencies

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Correct way to add new dependencies

Post May 31st '18, 16:44

I have a fix for a rendering bug that I want to submit a pull request for. It requires a little math, which I’m doing with GLM (it’s a header-only math library). I’m currently building with Xcode, so it was easy enough to drop the code I needed into the project. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that will not work when building on other platforms.

So, I have a few questions about this...

Where would the best place be in the project structure to put such a dependency?

Is updating the Unix/Windows build process as simple as adding new header search paths to the makefile? If so, which file should the changes be applied to?

Lastly, is there any problem using an MIT licensed library in Aleph One?
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Post May 31st '18, 17:36

I wouldn't add it to our git unless you need to customize it for some reason. Which I hope is not the case.

For OS X, we have until now included dependencies as Frameworks, but since GLM is header-only, I think you could install it with homebrew and update the Xcode project to include it from /usr/local/include

For Linux/Windows, we use autoconf. You're welcome to either a) learn autoconf and add it to, or b) submit a pull request for OS X only and one of us can add the dependency.

GLM appears to use the Expat license, which is GPL-compatible. So you're fine there.
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Post May 31st '18, 18:13

Easy enough; thanks!
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