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Re: Aleph One 1.3b1

Post Jan 10th '19, 01:13

treellama wrote:I'm not getting a half second, but it's definitely noticeable. Open ~/Library/Preferences/Marathon Infinity/Marathon Infinity Preferences, and look for samples="1024". Change that to something like 256, and it will be better.

Alright. I did experiment with that few times listening as carefully as I could. I THINK that did make it a little better. There is still some delay, but again, listening as carefully as I could, I think it was not as delayed as before.
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Sharkie Lino

Post Jan 13th '19, 04:18

Another random issue, the "Mouse Aiming" checkbox in the preferences doesn't seem to work. It always shows as checked whether it's on or off, and checking/unchecking the box does nothing.
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