Escaping from M1 terms should go to logoff

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Escaping from M1 terms should go to logoff

Post Oct 15th '18, 05:01

I noticed while playing Marathon 1 in an emulator that when you escape out of a terminal, it takes you to the terminal's logoff before dumping you out, instead of dumping you out directly. It would be nice if this behaviour was replicated - and this certainly would affect film playback, if that is even possible with M1 films. I forsee a couple difficulties with implementing it, however:

1. We need to tell A1 whether a map's terminals dump you or log you off. I suppose this could be tied into the file format and/or the "Terminals Stop Time" flag, but it'd be preferable to have a separate flag.

2. M1 maps used #BRIEFING to teleport between levels and give you text, skipping to #LOGOFF therefore skips the teleport. If a map flagged to escape to #LOGOFF uses instead #INTERLEVEL TELEPORT or #INTRALEVEL TELEPORT, we would have to tell A1 not only to skip to #LOGOFF, but also to ignore #INTERLEVEL TELEPORT and #INTRALEVEL TELEPORT

3. All of Bungie's and Double-aught's maps AFAIK used only one #LOGOFF, however, scenarios like Eternal and M1R use multiple #LOGOFF tags to transition between AIs in a single terminal session. If those maps are flagged to escape to #LOGOFF, do we skip to the next and proceed, skip to the next and exit, or skip to the last and exit? Given the conventions Pfhorrest and I have been using, skipping to the next and exiting would make the most sense.
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