Classic vs. Enhanced? Why Not Both?

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Classic vs. Enhanced? Why Not Both?

Post Jan 3rd '19, 00:52

Hi, yes, it's been a while since I've been here.
I was wondering if there was a way to have two different builds of Aleph One, so that each can play independently and have their own preferences, plugins, music, etc.
In my personal case, I basically want an enhanced decked out version of the games, but I also want a pristine classic version of the games. Swapping music, plugins, controls, visuals is time consuming. If not the whole of Aleph One, is there a way to do it with Marathon 1 at least? This is the game I find myself having conflicts over.
If the suggested answer to this is M1R or M1A1, can M1A1 be modified to play exactly like the original? And if not, to make it compatible with modern graphical enhancements, would I have to modify all of the enhancements so that they would work with M1A1's weird texture orders?

On the subject of swapability, can you change the address of M1's music folder via windows batch program? Would love hot swappable music.

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Post Jan 3rd '19, 01:16

In the case of Infinity, there's a file in the Scripts folder called Filenames.mml. You can copy your infinity folder to make 2 copies, and then in one of them, change the line that looks like this:
<string index="4">Marathon Infinity Preferences</string>
Pick a different name than "Marathon Infinity Preferences", and it will use a separate preferences file when you use those files. Your selected plugins and stuff should be kept separate that way.

All scenarios should work the same way.
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Post Jan 3rd '19, 18:46

M1A1 is kinda stuck where it is and isn't even capable of a lot of M1 behaviour, I wouldn't recommend it.

M1 can be gussied up with texture and sprite plugins, but that only goes so far, hence why I started M1R. While I do enable M1 engine behaviours like grenade climbing and such, I use ∞/A1 style files so it is not data-file or plugin compatible with M1.

M1R has its own preferences file called "Redux Preferences," so if you wished you could have M1 set up stripped-down and M1R set up with everything turned to 11, and you wouldn't need to change preference or scripts at all. Or like Wrk suggests you could even set up a stripped-down M1 and a gussied-up M1 by editing the file script.
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Post Jan 4th '19, 11:27

I ended up having "Marathon" and "Marathon Classic". These go along nicely with my "M1R" and "M1A1" folders.
My Marathon build is where I'll probably do the most enhancement work. My Marathon Classic build runs in 640x480, low res, no transparent liquids, and original hud. my keyboard is ten keyless, which is why I can't use original keybinds.

I proceeded to do the same for Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity, but not for any of the third party scenarios. All of the Classic games look good on my 17inch CRT monitor, and all of the enhanced versions look great on my 1080p monitor.
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