Replacing ingame sounds with MML

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Replacing ingame sounds with MML

Post Jan 7th '19, 07:11

I've been running into some problems with replacing ingame sound effects (sound object placed on a map) with external sounds using MML. In this case the wind sound effect (95) but the original sound simply gets played instead. I've tested this both with the latest stable version along with the latest beta on Ubuntu 18.04 (a1 compiled with libsndfile enabled). During load and gameplay, console throws no errors at me or any meaningful information.

Most likely explanation is that I am misunderstanding some minor thing in the MML documentation. Or maybe there are some limitations with what audio file formats can be used? Anyone here that could point me in the right direction?

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      <sound index="95" slot="0" file="Data/Audial/test.wav" />
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Post Jan 7th '19, 13:16

That looks correct to me. I don't think any scenario actually uses those, so it's possible they broke with the XML parser change and nobody noticed.
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