Marathon crashes sometimes when loading a level

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Marathon crashes sometimes when loading a level

Post Jan 10th '19, 21:55

I've been replaying the trilogy recently and am currently on Infinity. I think I started encountering this bug around then.

Unhandled exception: std::bad_alloc (shell.cpp:381)

This appears to be the error that causes the crash according to the Aleph One log, but I don't know what it means. Marathon never used to crash so I don't know why it's doing it now.

EDIT: I think I've found the cause: it was the old version of the Infinity HD Monsters plugin. This same plugin caused 1000 000 slimy things to crash the game upon loading the same way as the random map load crash every time and it was running into that roadblock that made me look deeper into fixing it. I've disabled the plugin and installed a more up to date HD Monsters Plugin, CFP Monsters. That did the trick.
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