Title music fading out when dialog boxes appear

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Title music fading out when dialog boxes appear

Post Jan 12th '19, 01:04

I've never liked how A1 kills the music when I open up a dialog, such as the preferences. M2 and M∞ didn't do this! As I'm constantly editing things, the environment preferences is always the first place I go after starting A1, which means I don't get to hear the music unless I just sit on the menu and scenario credits screens not doing anything. Anyone know when/why this change was made? It looks like it's been this way as far back as the initial commits to GitHub and SourceForge in 2000.

Also, I found a way to fix it for my local build. In interface.cpp, lines 2563-2568 read:
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static void force_system_colors(
      interface_fade_out(MAIN_MENU_BASE, true);

Changing that true to false results in, so far as my quick tests show, A1 continuing to play the music over the various non-game dialogues, but still cutting it when it starts a game or film. Now, force_system_colors() sounds rather ominous and gets called all over the place, so who knows what I might be breaking by telling it not to stop the music.
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