A big thank you to Aleph One’s devs

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A big thank you to Aleph One’s devs

Post Mar 5th '19, 22:41

Just want to show appreciation to the devs on Aleph One for implementing a feature I’ve been wanting for years:
Natively running software faders on Windows platforms. The original faders were such an immersive element of the original game, and its great to see them again after so many years.

I have also created a few enhancements to more closely emulate the original Marathon game:
- A teleport fader .lua script for M1A1, which commands the players screen to flash white during teleport just like in the original M1 game.

- Re-rendered QuickTime 2 music recordings of the original M1 music. The recordings that came with M1A1 are good, but a bit lossy. Nowadays, disk space is cheaper ;)

I’d love to share what I’ve been working on, but I can’t seem to upload anything to Simplici7y.

Post Mar 7th '19, 02:30

That fader .lua script sounds interesting. Anything to make the experience closer to the original Mac version is awesome. Lossless versions of the soundtrack already exist. In 2011, the soundtrack was recorded using QuickTime 2. Here's the file page on Simplici7y. You can grab the .wav files on http://www.themarathonmusic.com/downloads.html. Not entirely sure if Aleph One can load .wav files directly or not. I've got the files at 320 kpbs mp3 and it sounds perfect.
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Post Mar 9th '19, 20:03

Interesting. I’ve noticed that different machines have slightly different sounds even with QuickTime 2. I bounced some uncompressed 22KHz recordings from SheepShaver running Mac OS 7.5.3, with the old world PowerPC 7500 ROM. The version of QuickTime 2 I installed was actually one included on a copy of Marathon 1.2 CD. I got much sharper drums than any other QT2 recordings I’ve ever found.
Perhaps I can use another file sharing service, or upload the code directly for my Lua scripts.
I also made a Lua that adds fall damage, one that allows you to put all monsters within a radius to sleep with the ~ key (called NightyNight.lua), and some other goodies, like monsters that can teleport using map teleporters. Now I just have to coax the monsters into actually using them. :D

Post Mar 9th '19, 23:49

I never noticed that about the teleport flash! I'll have to cook up my own fader for M1R if you don't share it.

Getting monsters to use teleporters would be awesome, but they consider teleporters as impassible. We ran into this problem in several places in Eternal when we realised we couldn't have combat over an area with teleporter polygons.
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