Sprites are disappearing/flickering during play

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Re: Sprites are disappearing/flickering during play

Post Apr 29th '19, 19:32

Wrkncacnter wrote:Lol my part in this is done. I'm not planning on doing anything else about this. I already assume no one is willing to touch the renderer code, so it is what it is.

It was worth a try :)
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Post Apr 29th '19, 20:13

I do see one change worth double checking:

https://github.com/Aleph-One-Marathon/a ... 834934b57d
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Post Apr 29th '19, 21:51

I realised I didn’t link my M2 playlist, which would greatly increase others’ convenience.

If someone can find a film in this playlist recorded before, let’s say, 2004 that has the sprite flickering problem – it seems to happen more often in narrow corridors than anywhere – I’d appreciate it; that way I can go back to version 1.0 of Aleph One (which was apparently the version that re-introduced M2 film support) and see if the problem still exists there. If it doesn’t, I can start moving forward and see which version of the game introduces the problem just by replaying that film. If it does, I’ll try out gameplay in earlier versions myself when I have more free time, I guess.
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