How to rip resources from SHP2 files?

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How to rip resources from SHP2 files?

Post Jun 19th '19, 22:14

Please, someone help me. I've spent over four hours on this and I think I've gone a bit insane from it.

I have an SHP2 file with monster graphics that I'm trying to get out. I have no idea how to open the file or extract the sprites. I realise this is probably a stupid sounding question but I have never tried to do something like this before. Can someone please help me?

It's a file called Graphics.shp2 and I just cannot find a way to open it.

Does it require a mac or is there a Windows way of doing this? I need literally one sprite in there and its taken me four hours with no success.

Thanks in advance.

Post Jun 19th '19, 22:53

Wrkncacnter wrote:Shapefusion.

Wow! That's fantastic! You did in a second what probably would have taken me the rest of my life. So I download this and I can open the graphics file?

EDIT: You are a legend. Thank you so, so much for this. You don't know how much you've made my day.

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