Those pesky map indices

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Re: Those pesky map indices

Post Jul 5th '19, 14:14

ravenshining wrote:Treelama's right on the money, pointing us to Infinity and Hastur. Some of the limitations of the engine contribute to its charm and the joy of finding ways around them :-)

It would, on the other hand, be nice to have larger map sizes. But, I imagine Bungie would have done so for Infinity if it didn't pose major file format issues, given Poor Yorick - Counfound Delivery, and Where Some Rarely Go - Thing What Kicks…. You can reduce player size at the cost of granularity, or try to pull off what Ryoko and Wrk have done with Metroidvania and AOPID, respectively, at the cost of being insane.

If Pheonix is as complex as you say, perhaps I should give it a go. I've certainly got some complex ideas lined up for M1R, as well as the knowledge of how to pull them off, thanks to working on Eternal and Wrk walking me through Lua.

There's a Metroidvania scenario? Where can I find it?
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Lion O Cyborg
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Post Jul 5th '19, 15:17

Lion O Cyborg wrote:There's a Metroidvania scenario? Where can I find it?

It's not an actual scenario. Just a showcase.
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