Looking for player to play M1 online on total carnage!

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Looking for player to play M1 online on total carnage!

Post Jul 27th '19, 11:47

Hey, guys,
I was just wondering. Since I’m very obsessed with this game right now, I would like to know if there’s people there that happens to be interested in playing it online with me on total carnage difficulty!

I use a 2013 Macbook Pro and the game works great and I wanna go online with someone to do the entire game co-op! I want the full experience, to be able to play with someone and chat as well.

Hope this message reaches someone who’s interested in playing it the way that I do.

Cheers, guys!

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Post Jul 27th '19, 19:29

The best way to coordinate netgames is on the Discord:


People tend not to like M1A1 though, you'll have better luck with proper M1.

I'd be happy to play M1R with you some time, if you don't mind testing things that are a WIP. Part of the goal of the project is to make better allowances for cooperative play, as the original was designed only with single player in mind.
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Post Jul 28th '19, 00:08

You know, I might be doing something wrong, but I got into discord, typed in either marathon or bungie in the search field and found nothing. As a matter of fact, there are only 3 Destiny channels and that’s it. How am I supposed to find people this way?

EDIT: When you say proper M1, what version are you referring to? Since I’m downloading it from marathon.bungie.org
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