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Post Jul 23rd '11, 19:51

It says in the first level that I need to destroy the wiring of the AI with a fusion pistol. I found the fusion pistol, but I can't find the wiring. I thought that the wiring meant those blue things on the ceilings, but shooting them did nothing. I found a secret passage with a switch in it, but it's non-functioning. Can anyone help me before that horn noise DRIVES ME INSANE?!?

Post Jul 24th '11, 00:05

Those wires are typically red and yellow IIRC. They also look like wires [MTongue]

So keep looking.
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Post Jul 24th '11, 01:21

I haven't played it, but destroyable wires will be on a wall, not a floor or a ceiling, and not an object in the world.
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Crater Creator

Post Jul 24th '11, 19:10

Okay, I figured it out. Request that this be locked.

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