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Post Dec 5th '11, 13:43

Marathon 1-3 is still my favourite game of all time. I used to play it endlessly, as I would imagine alot of you did in the past. However, something that always bothered me was that I didn't understand the story, as I was three years old, lol.

I just saw that Aleph One has added M1 support, and I have a new iMac 27inch.

I want to do the campaign of 1-3 all over but on total carnage! I would like some help.

Is anyone up for doing 1-3 on total carnage on coop?

Hit me :)
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Post Dec 5th '11, 13:58

The Marathon you can download from our site is still a port. True Marathon support was underway when we started the parallel upgrade of M1A1, and is now kind of on hold because it's less pressing.

But, this new Marathon port is way better than the original M1A1, so now's a great time to play through the game again. I'm doing it on Major Damage, which for me is extremely challenging.
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Post Dec 5th '11, 14:36

^ I understand.

Want some help in your campaign? :)
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Post Dec 5th '11, 15:09

I already beat dur game on total carnage, like what, 40 times now?

once your an expert vidmaster, it will be easy to do.

The only advice i can offer is, PUSH YOURSELF TO YOUR OWN LIMITS!

You will be greatly rewarded in the end.

Total carnage was the way the game was meant to be played, the Tru7 way!
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Post Dec 5th '11, 15:46

Thanks for the advice. :)
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Post Dec 5th '11, 20:52

I apologise :D

Asylum is a name I use on gaming forums etc alot :)
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Post Dec 6th '11, 06:27

My name is the best.
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