what does M2 music say?

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Post Dec 20th '11, 15:40

When you launch M2 and get the crunchy guitar intro, a few seconds in there is what sounds like a bass voice speaking two syllables. Does it mean anything?

Post Dec 20th '11, 17:22

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Post Dec 20th '11, 18:55

I always heard "ass holes". Sorry for using bad language, but that's what I hear.
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Post Dec 20th '11, 23:10

I knew it was saying Marathon when I first played it, but I was honestly hearing "Mara-thong" for quite some time.
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Post Dec 21st '11, 10:26

Are you guys refering to the sound at 07 secs? I can't make that into marathon.
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Post Dec 21st '11, 17:03

dude, seriously. dude.
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Post Dec 22nd '11, 13:50

A faint "marathon" is what i always hear.
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Post Dec 23rd '11, 10:32

When I was a kid, I thought he was saying either "Marathon Sod" or "Marathon Song."

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Post Dec 28th '11, 21:25

I thought it sounded like "Mare Sum". I guess "Mara Thon" makes more sense.

On that music page, which of the links should I use to get the music for my iTunes/iPod? It seems there are several options, but the explanations seem to assume you are aware of some ongoing discussion.
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Post Jan 5th '12, 09:19

Nordevai wrote:I knew it was saying Marathon when I first played it, but I was honestly hearing "Mara-thong" for quite some time.

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