m1 soundfont?

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Post Feb 19th '12, 19:14

Is there an sf2 file that will play the marathon 1 midis the same way they sound in the original game?

Post Feb 19th '12, 21:47

When I looked a while ago, I wasn't able to find QuickTime Musical Instruments 2.0 converted to any other format, or even documentation of the instrument format. QuickTime 2.5 was a massive change and much easier to work with, and I think us Marathon fans are the only ones crazy enough to look further back. If you turn up anything of interest, let us know.
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Post Feb 19th '12, 22:56

As I recall, somebody tracked down the original components when exporting the tracks for M1A1. So while they're not MIDIs anymore, those should sound the same as they did at Marathon 1's release.
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