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Post Feb 21st '12, 22:55

I was playing Phoenix in lecture earlier today and one of my friends sitting next to me puked into his mouth! He's gotten a little nauseous before from watching me play, but for whatever reason this particular level (Holy Wars) made him throw up.

I've heard the XBLA port of M2 caused some motion sickness for some people, but this is the first time I've seen it in person. Lawl.
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Post Feb 21st '12, 23:23

My mom, when she used to play Marathon, tried playing Rubicon. For some reason, she would get sick from playing it. Letting some time pass, she tried playing it again. The same thing happened.

Maybe the XBLA version of M2 has something in common with Rubicon.
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Post Feb 22nd '12, 08:14

Marathon, too awesome for some people to handle.
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The Dungeon

Post Feb 22nd '12, 21:22

Or maybe we're all specificly designed to play Marathon. Maybe others get sick because they're older designs.
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Post Feb 23rd '12, 10:20

Marathon always caused motion sickness in some people, including The Bungie people themselves.

It's mentioned here:
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