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Post Feb 23rd '12, 05:53

There is a big discussion going on at the MSF about the future of Marathon.Bungie.Org and it may or may not involve this segment of the community as well, but in either case, everybody's feedback would be much appreciated if you could all give a click and speak your mind here.
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Post Feb 23rd '12, 08:57

I like the idea, and that would be great if it attracts new people into the community. If this does happen, I really hope that the simplicity of things stay the same. I really like how easy it is to navigate the Marathon's Story page. I have been reading a bit of it here and there, and I am wanting to read a lot more of it in the future, and I like having all of the links to discussion pages on the left side. I like how well The Pfhorums is organized (especially compared to MSF), so if it did unify with, I hope it keeps organization and other things about it too. I am content with The Pfhorums the way it currently is, but I am open to new changes too. should be reorganized and updated, and like you said, some of the links, such as Recruits are dead, so it would be nice to see it cleaned up. I would like to see those dead pages preserved though! I believe keeping that page up to date is important because like Godot was saying, the Marathon Universe on the Bungie site links to Having up to date news and other things will show the visitors that our community is not dead. I just noticed that there is now recent news, which makes me happy!
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