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Post Apr 1st '12, 17:32

April Fools!
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Da Pissa

Post Apr 1st '12, 18:55

Happy belated St Patrick's day too.
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Post Apr 2nd '12, 01:13

didn't last year they filtered 'the' into 'lochs' and 'and' into 'nits?

Post Apr 2nd '12, 04:10

It's not an April Fool's joke if you just say some stupid shit and act like a dumb asshole. That's just being a jerk. Learn the difference.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Apr 2nd '12, 04:55

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Da Pissa

Post Apr 2nd '12, 22:30


Post Apr 3rd '12, 00:18

Shit, I should've added something about bridges and balconies. Oh well, there's always next time.
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Da Pissa

Post Apr 5th '12, 09:43

I stopped lurking to tell you this is one lame april fools joke.
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Da Spadger

Post Apr 5th '12, 12:54

April Fools was over days ago. Let's not dwell in the past here. :)
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Da Pissa

Post Apr 5th '12, 19:41

You have a strange avatar picture Pissa. What brought you to choose that???

Post Apr 5th '12, 20:09

I just think it's funny and suits me well (hopefully the subtitles are legible enough).
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Da Pissa

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