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Post May 17th '12, 19:51

Heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2WbIdD-YJI

Who here has seen the video before? I saw the video once, forgot how I found it, and I found it again by searching G4 Bungie on Youtube after someone I'm subscribed to favorited it.
I though I'd give you guys the link so you can see the video. It's a good way to learn about Bungie's past, other than the scrapebook. [MSmile]
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Post Sep 3rd '12, 19:22

Ah yes, the good old days when that channel actually had shows worth watching (to say nothing of the fantastic network it murdered in ZD/TechTV).

Don't think I've seen this one so I'll give it a watch later. Thanks for the blast from the past. [MSmile]

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