I have solved every problem with Rubicon X

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Post Jul 22nd '12, 14:40

Turn this crap off and watch as your navigation problems are resolved, the maps become more colorful and better lit, and suddenly the game becomes more than a gray flat blur.

Why fog was applied blindly to every single stupid map is beyond me, especially since most of them weren't designed with it in mind, but hey. You're welcome!
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Post Jul 22nd '12, 15:02

This is how I beat the dream maze levels in Max Payne
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Post Jul 22nd '12, 15:26

I had to sacrifice my younger sister to Kali in order to beat those awful levels.
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Saint Paul, MN

Post Jul 22nd '12, 16:10

Thank you.
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long beach, ca no, now I live in L.A.

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