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So I submitted a map to Bungie's Map-Making Contest when I was like twelve and have no idea if it ever got released. Is there a full list of fan maps from the contest that made it onto the Trilogy? Probably not, but it's been a question on my mind for sixteen years now, more years than I had been alive at the time of making the map...

(I once tried to make a maze game out of a dot matrix word processor; I had my own company logo and eeeeeeeeeeeverything)

Marathon and its map-making tools captivated me at an early age, on my family's Macintosh 68040 (a gift from my grandma). This being the coolest game on Mac ever and suddenly empowering me to be a game designer before I got out of elementary school, it became my world, a real dream come true. I could make my own games...?! This is coming from a kid born and raised with C64 & NES controllers in hand, at all times. So with Forge & Anvil, I spent years making my own levels, scenarios, and full mods. I would routinely not listen to school teachers and instead draw out (what I had no idea at the time were) design docs in my binders, which surely looked like I was diligently taking classroom notes. Anything from my own Marathon sequels to total conversions (a Cyan authorized / unofficial MYST fan project, a version of Mario64, 'Silent Hill on a Space Station' / later aka Dead Space, several of my own original jingles, and countless others that never got released because we poor Buckeyes didn't have the Internet until way later).

But I remember making a map for Bungie's contest early on. I mailed that piece of crap off on a floppy disk and was too poor to buy the Trilogy release to find out if my map made it in.

Since then I've went to work in the games industry at Activision Blizzard / High Moon Studios on Transformers: War for Cybertron, at THQ / Vigil Games on Darksiders 2, and now at Petroglyph on End of Nations. I've also started my own indie game start-up just a few weeks ago (after over a year of preparation, not counting my whole life) as Astrogun, and I talk a lot on Twitter about industry news.

So, like, it'd be really freaking fantastic to learn I could add 'Bungie's Marathon Trilogy Map Contest at Age Freaking Twelve' to that list of credits. But I'm almost positive I didn't make the cut. I was freaking twelve and dumb. I named the map something with random made-up words, not understanding from Marathon's characteristic overwhelming sense of puzzlement and mystery that Bungie was actually using Latin in their map names. See? Dumb.

But I remember the requirements were something like it had to have at least 1 terminal, and you could complete the map by teleporting out. Or something. I think one rule was it couldn't crash. I remember assembling some garbage and making sure it followed the rules. It was one of my first Marathon projects. I was so green, but so ready to jump-pad Tau Ceti to Lh'owon. And now, sixteen years later, I still have my fingers crossed. Whether the map made it or not, it set me on a path. For that I am forever grateful. Maybe I don't want to know, so it'll always be like Schrodinger's Cat, always alive and dead.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I thought I'd share this story and see if I can track down an answer. Cheers to Marathon, cheers to Bungie... and as always...

â??See ya starside.
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First off good to hear from somebody from the early days.

Bungie did include a specific folder on the 2nd Trilogy CD for their competition. It contains the overall winner , winners and runners up for best single player map, best net map., best use of Forge and Anvil. There is also a folder for Honorable Mentions. This contains 12 maps. Originally Bungie listed 13 maps in the Honorable Mentions category but they didn't include the 13th map on the Trilogy CD. Nothing is straight forward with Bungie. Lastly there is a folder for The Best of the Rest. This contains around 160 maps. A quick text search shows no Read Me file from a Xander Davis. So unless you used a different name or didn't include a Read Me file it looks like your map was never included in the Best of the Rest.

Of course you may have been the mysterious 13th map that was never included. ;)

Anyway thanks for the jog down memory lane. I must include Bungie's Marathon Infinity Map Making Contest to the Marathon's Story page. Another Blast from the Past. :)

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Any chance there's a search result for 'Alex Davis' ? Thanks for checking Hamish!
Xander Davis

Post Jul 30th '12, 16:26

Nope. A Grant Davis. But no Alex Davis.


Xander Davis wrote:Any chance there's a search result for 'Alex Davis' ? Thanks for checking Hamish!

Post Jul 30th '12, 16:35

Into the ether of the mysterious 13th map then... lol :P Thanks for checking.

I guess I'll just have to make my own maps at Astrogun... ;)
Xander Davis

Post Jul 30th '12, 17:41

This post summarizes the way I felt about Hexen. Except no contest =(

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