Your favorite rainbow levels

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Post Aug 5th '12, 21:46


A FRIGGIN' RAINBOW: the original and still the best

SPEC7RUM: this is actually pretty fun

RAINBOWFROG: I know, I know, another Werefrog clone? but with the confetti and rainbow contrails I don't even miss Whimsyshire

Least favorite:

A MOTHERFRIGGIN' SPECTRUM: derivative crap, in every sense of the word.
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I was not aware there was more than one rainbow colour levels.

I'll have to check them out and see for myself.

anyway, not sure if it counts, but the orange room was my favourite in the series.
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underworld : simple fun netmaps // prahblum peack : simple rejected netmaps
azure dreams : simple horrible netmaps // v6.0!!!: thomas mann's greatest hits : simple simple netmaps
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Post Aug 6th '12, 01:14

Rainbow Road?

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