Reminiscing about Dave

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Reminiscing about Dave

Post Jan 22nd '13, 01:03

I was going through some old papers the other day when I came across some old papers about Dave demo. It was a story outline. I don't think it was complete, due to the fact that level 20 had nothing listed under it, and I was pretty sure that I was going to have a total of 28 levels. When I think about it, I was really naive back then. I never even made it to 20.

Here's the outline:

Dave outline
Level 1
1) Dave's arrival
2) Robert reaches higher ground
3) Durandal's first contact with Dave

Level 2
1)Dave reaches the cargo elevator
2)George becomes rampant.

Level 3
1) Dave reaches communication tower
2) Durandal's second contact

Level 4
1) Johnny is deactivated
2) Robert is sent to the Pfhor warship

Level 5
1) Dave is sent to the Pfhor warship

Level 6
1) Durandal arrives

Level 7
1) Dave and Robert return to the ship
2) Durandal speaks to Dave

Level 8
1) Dinky becomes nuts and interfers (yes, interfers)
2) Dave gets the fusion pistol

Level 9
1) Dave's first time in vacuum

Level 10
1) Dinky takes measures
2) Buzz Alan takes leadership
3) Buzz talks to Dave
4) The "Guardians" message Dave

Level 11

Level 12
1) Dave takes action on the Pfhor warship

Level 13
1) Dave arrives at the colony (hell)
2) Dave meets Charlotte
3) Buzz speaks to Dave again
4) Psycho is furious
5) Dinky still lives
6) Flintlock destroyed

Level 14
1) Dave discovers a mine on the colony

Level 15
1) Dinky strikes again
2) Psycho hurts Charlotte
3) Robert goes into stasis
4) The colony is a coverup

Level 16
1) Dave defeats Dinky
2) "Guardians" message Dave
3) Dave D.R.E.A.M.S.

Level 17
1) Dream

Level 18
1) Dave saves the surviving group of humans
2) Charlotte becomes worse

Level 19
1) Dave clears new base
2) Dave learns of all the AIs

Level 20

Since it's been about 2 years, I thought I would talk about Dave. The bad things, the good things, and the lost things. So here I go:

A poor excuse for a story, ridiculously high goals, and having chosen M1 to make my first scenario for the community, I was doomed to failure.

First of all the story: when I look back at it, Dave feels like a rip-off of the original Marathon with some original elements that weren't good enough. Sure, Dave could haven been a great hero for some, if he wasn't a Lego character originally who was meant to be dumb and funny. Also, HES BALD!!! Despite the poor story, at least it had one. My previous stuff (even worse) never had terminals that even worked, making it that I had to tell the story to whoever decided to play it. This was more or less my first success with it.

I really should have made something smaller. Another factor that led to Dave's failure was that I planned way to big for a team of one. I did not have the ability to make something that large.

The factor that pretty much did Dave in was that, because I chose M1, I backed myself into a corner that I wasn't going to be able to get myself out of. As a low-level mapper, there's only so much you can do with M1, or I just sucked at mapping with M1. Either one, I limited myself so much that I burned out. You can only make a room with a table in it so many times before it gets old.

With those reasons, one would think Dave had been a complete waste of time. Not true. Through all of it, Dave had some important successes that came with it.

One of the successes was terminals (mentioned earlier). For some reason, I couldn't figure out how the terminals worked. It was with Dave and another work that terminals finally were usable; however, there was one problem: my Forge couldn't seem to merge more than 3 terminals in a map. If there were more, Forge would fail in merging.

Another success was overlapping. I would cross over a rectangle with a rectangle in the past, but never large areas. Dave changed this, making them last a little bit longer.

My first experiments with lighting started here as well. Although I learned how to do my own lights, I failed with shading. It was either really bright, dim, or really dark.

In the end, Dave got wins and also losses, but there were some things that either never came about or were never really mentioned before:

The last part of the story, I felt, was going to be the best in the story. I thought it was going to be really interesting. I don't really remember all the details anymore, other than getting into the Guardians and an evil group, but back then I thought it was going to be good. Two levels into the colony, I burned out and was unable to finish. I feel disappointed in the fact that I hardly did anything with Charlotte. You don't see many female A.I.s in Marathon. I also wanted to see Dave kill Dinky. Dinky was such a stupid character.

You see Robert in the outline? You were going to play as him in a separate scenario. Like it wasn't enough to play as Dave, but I would have also given you the chance to play as another character! Signs of it are in Dave. One of them being a room with ammo in it, a terminal, with the door locked. Awful idea.

Sequels. Who comes up with sequels before finishing the first!? Let alone plan for four! Better yet, the fourth would have either used Rubicon or Eternal, each with a different story approach, without asking for permission. Worse than the side scenario.

There's a reason I didn't really call Dave demo Marathon Dave at first. That's because there already had been a Marathon Dave that was made in Infinity. It was never uploaded, instead trashed. That was the first time I used terminals, and also the first time I learned about the issue with the terminals, hence why it's trashed. It was also awful, using something from my first maps: The Yellow Ship. Entirely textured in yellow, I think my sister was involved with it.

I don't think the demo on Simplici7y has all the maps I made for Dave. The last upload I made for Dave, dubbed beta due to so many maps being in it, was uploaded on TBCROnline. Since I can do music now, I might revise it, but it probably will be just as poor.

Well, I think that's enough rambling. Hopefully you guys learned something new, or at least got a laugh out of how naive I was back then. Since you checked this thread out, I'll give you a screenshot:


What is it? I'm not telling. You'll just have to find out when I finally finish making it. Finish making part one, that is. :P
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Post Jan 29th '13, 06:44

This is a interesting read, sort of like the post mortems that game developers write about.
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Post Jan 29th '13, 19:31

I'm glad someone got something out of this.
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Post Jan 30th '13, 02:12

Destiny wrote:Alan takes leadership

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Post Jan 30th '13, 17:02

I'm disappointed Patrick. I expected you to post sooner.
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Post Jan 30th '13, 23:00

Psalm 40:1-2 I waited patiently for THE LORD; and he inclined unto me, and inspired my post.

He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and reestablished my courier font.

Post Jan 30th '13, 23:43

Robert reaches higher ground

Johnny is deactivated

Psycho is furious
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Post Feb 1st '13, 17:48

Interesting choices for the captions, irons. I'd like to see what else you can do. Also, the caption for the second picture, I don't think it really matches. It should read Flintlock destroyed.
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Post Feb 1st '13, 20:02

Our new forum software only allows three uploads per post. I apologize.
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Post Jul 12th '13, 07:45

Weezer14 wrote:Nice! I just got 4000 Microsoft Points for FREE! :D freemspointsforever[dot]com

Well, cripes. Did a legitimate user's account get hacked by a spambot?
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Crater Creator

Post Dec 29th '13, 06:19

I played through the Dave demo and I thought it was a fun challenge, had some interesting levels. I recall walking into a room and then finding that Pfhor had been waiting right beside the door to trap me, and I remember finding that kind of enemy placement surprising.
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Post Dec 17th '19, 04:28

Hi, Destiny. I've started a recorded playthrough of Dave demo and I was wondering if all of the levels have been tested and played through before. I ask this because I'm really stuck on the 5th level, "Gotta find gotta find gotta find WALDO!". There seems to be one switch left to open the exit door, but I've checked countless times and I'm pretty certain I've hit all the switches in the level.

I even let myself cheat by peeking in Weland. I did notice that there was an unfilled hallway outline at the top part of the map, containing what appeared to be another switch part. I don't know if that was supposed to be the switch for the exit door.

I might just wind up cheating and making the exit door manual so that I can get out of the level, since it seems I've basically killed everyone and done everything (I even found the Waldo secret, though I was disappointed that the switch there only lowered Waldo into lava).

In any case, this has been an interesting experience. Yes, people still notice, almost a decade later! [MSmile]
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