Marathon Rubicon Gators of NY - Please Help.

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Marathon Rubicon Gators of NY - Please Help.

Post Mar 3rd '13, 18:24

Ok so I've been using the walkthrough of Rubicon to play the Salinger plank of levels. I'm having an issue with the Gators of NY level. I did everything it said to do which is to basically clear out the level. However both exit points in the map are taking me back to the Pfhor plank.

Does anyone knows what I did wrong or what I am missing? I really want to move on to 10001 Nordic Nerds.
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Post Mar 3rd '13, 22:16

Okay, so this is what I do: I run around the whole map, killing all hostiles in sight, until (click on link for picture: the terminal that is listed as 8 on this picture takes me to 10001 Nordic Nerds.

Does this help you?

Also, there is another topic that discusses about the transfer between the Salinger plank and the Pfhor plank. It's here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=36788
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