What is your favorite weapon from each Marathon game?

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What is your favorite weapon from each Marathon game?

Post Mar 26th '13, 14:25

Mine would have to be, the Alien Gun from Marathon. The Assault Rifle from Durandal, and the Flechette Gun from Infinity. (ONLY OFFICIAL WEAPONS!)

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Post Mar 26th '13, 15:09

M1, definitely the assault rifle. M2, three-way tie between assault rifle, shotgun, and the rocket launcher - sure, that last one has limited application, but it's so satisfying. Infinity - it would be the flechette, except I'm terrible at getting to secret caches and so I only end up having it for like two or three levels, which isn't enough time to have fun with it. So shotgun. Damn, I love that shotgun.
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Post Mar 26th '13, 15:34

In M1 it's the assault rifle. In M2 it's the assault rifle. In Infinity it's the assault rifle.

Official weapons? Your no fun. There's plenty of unofficial weapons that I like... [MFrown]
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Post Mar 26th '13, 17:58

My opinions are similar to Sylith: For M2 and Infinity, shotguns and rockets. They have the ridiculous knockback, and are the most satisfying to use. Runner up is the SMG. It doesn't get much use in the original game because of the low 8 clip limit on sub-TC difficulty levels, but it's extremely deadly in scenarios like KTA.

By the way, another Pfhorums topic covers the same ground.
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Post Mar 26th '13, 20:43

"Cowboy mode" - i.e. pistols and shotguns only - is a fun way to play.

Post Apr 7th '13, 16:55

Marathon - TOZT-7 - Using this thing felt so deadly compared to all the standard projectile weapons. Plus, there's something so satisfying about the little noise that crisping Pfhor make (I need help).

Marathon 2 - Zeus-Class Fusion Pistol - Loved the charge attack. The noise, the incresingly urgent beeping, the feverish shaking... Felt so powerful in the hand. Looks nice and clean-cut, too.

Infinity - KKV-7 - Silenced, deadly accurate, fast firing, ammo was somewhat uncommon (making each clip feel expensive), plus it fires underwater. What's not to love about the Flechette?
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Post Apr 10th '13, 14:09

The SMG. Sometimes I wish it had more ammo but that's what Anvil is for...

On that note, has anyone ever made the flamethrower shoot bullets? Best thing ever.
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Post Apr 11th '13, 04:28

M1: Fusion gun, very satisfying sound, very fun for mowing out fighters and wasps.

M2/inf: toss up between Fusion Gun and Alien Gun. If you get the timing just right when holding down both triggers on the alien gun, the usual "thwomp thwomp" sound plays for every pulse, making the best sound ever (sort of a "thwowowowp" noise, it more than makes up for the lack of ammo)

Does anyone else think that? Or am I just crazy... Anyone?
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General Tacticus

Post Apr 12th '13, 08:35

In M1, it has to be the Assault Rifle. It has great versatility; with proper usage, grenades can be devastatingly effective, and the bullets are plentiful and can be used to just stun-and-drop Fighters, Troopers, and Compilers.

In M2, I'd probably pick the Fusion Pistol. It is excellent for handling medium-to-strong foes like Hunters, Troopers, Compilers, and Cyborgs, not only because a number of enemies have a soft spot for fusion, but also because fusion ammo is common and you can use it to just hose down a room. You're probably wondering why I didn't pick dual Shotguns, but the reason is simple: there's almost no ammo for them, and even when there is a bunch, you'll use it up in a matter of minutes. So while dual Shotguns are deadly, they are also ammo-costly, and for people with bad aim (or for people who are just having an off day) they are rather hit-or-miss, making the ammo-costly part even more important.

I honestly haven't played Moo enough to decide which weapon is best. However, I must say that the addition of the SMG is a blessing for network play; with proper aiming, you can just whittle away your opponent's health from half-way across the map. However, even the addition of the SMG isn't enough to stop network games being dominated by the all-powerful Rocket Launcher.
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Somewhere in the 19th Century...

Post Apr 14th '13, 19:26

For me, overall it would have to be the TOZT-7 Backpack Napalm Unit (or the flamethrower, thanks Pfhorpedia for the real names), I've always loved flamethrowers in games, it's just too easy to cause mass chaos with them. I wouldn't have gotten through Ingue Ferroque if it weren't for the ol' TOZT-7! For the latter two games it would be the dual WSTE-M5 Combat Shotguns, because they're really damn satisfying! And finally for just Marathon Infinity it would be the KKV-7 10mm SMG Flechette gun, and I don't really know why. I think I would like the SPNKR SSM Launcher if I wasn't terrible with it, I'm no good with majorly explosive cigars you see (though I would agree with SylithSenjak, it is really satisfying).
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Post Apr 15th '13, 20:15

For M1, I'd pick the alien weapon. It's supremely deadly, it sounds and feels good, and I like finally getting to use the Pfhor's weapons against them.

For both M2 and Mi my favorite weapons would be the aliens themselves and the environment.

In terms of aliens-as-weapons, I really like getting them to fight each other due to friendly fire or trying to lead one group, like F'lickta, into another; it's really satisfying to get the AI to do your work for you. Then there's hard death damage which let's you use your enemies as weapons against each other: like when you can kill Fighters by fusioning the Hunter walking next to them; and chain reactions of exploding Hunters and Cyborgs are terrific; also, on Post Naval Trauma my favorite thing is to try to kill as many Pfhor as I can through Juggernaut explosions.

In terms of environment-as-weapons, there aren't too many opportunities for this but they are great when you can pull it off. I don't think there's anything nearly as satisfying to me as killing off Pfhor by knocking them alive into Alien Goop or Lava with a well placed grenade. There's even a spot in M2's "6000 Feet Under" where if you're quick you can run past some Cyborgs, up an platform, and hit a switch to raise the lava and burn them all. I don't think there's any places where you can use platforms to kill off enemies, but if there were that would be great as well.

That's how I get the most enjoyment out of killing enemies in Marathon 2 and Infinity: killing them with each other or killing them with lava. Yeah, you can kind of use those tactics in M1, but there's not many opportunities for it.
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Post Apr 16th '13, 00:40

philtron wrote:There's even a spot in M2's "6000 Feet Under" where if you're quick you can run past some Cyborgs, up an platform, and hit a switch to raise the lava and burn them all.

Oh man, I love it when I can pull that one off. BURN, CYBORGS, BURN.
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Post Apr 16th '13, 03:01

philtron wrote:I don't think there's any places where you can use platforms to kill off enemies

The secret switches on God Will Sort the Dead, caged F'lickta on Charon Doesn't Make Change, and BoB-roasting on By Committee come to mind. Granted, only the first one kills enemies that actually harm you.

And while it may not be anyone's favorite, for me the most iconic Marathon weapon is the humble door.
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Post May 15th '13, 21:01

Well, I've only beaten M1A1 so far, so I can only speak on that one for now.
While it's most certainly not the strongest weapon, I've always had a soft spot for pistols. Really, probably the worst weapon in the game, but my favorite is the .55 Magnum Mega Class.

Of course, if I could only have one weapon in a do or die scenario, it'd probably be the fusion pistol.
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