I'v got the problem with "Marathon: Phoenix"...

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I'v got the problem with "Marathon: Phoenix"...

Post Jul 5th '13, 10:17

I'm plaing best third party scenario ever: [a1logo] "Marathon: Phoenix" [a1logo] and I stuck at level "Enchanting New Mexico".
I'v activated the swich on level one (not map 1, eg. level on building) of tower and........ Nothing!
Would anybody can help me?

(I'm not native speaker, so tell me if I type somtihng wrongly |=\_/=| )
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Post Aug 8th '17, 21:04

This was before my time and Eryk_HanX probably no longer cares, but it has never been answered.
The stated situation is rather vague for a game infested with buttons,
but just in case you are still interested, this video, by the author, will probably answer the question.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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