First Battle of Eat It, Vid Boi! - Tips and Demonstration

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First Battle of Eat It, Vid Boi! - Tips and Demonstration

Post Jul 10th '13, 08:49

I recently read this on the Marathon Spoiler Guide:

"Alternatively, instead of first letting the tanks and Pfhor kill each other, you can make a run for the door, charge up, collect ammo, and save, then you can hit the switch, leave the small room and ride the elevator (still avoiding the tanks), enter the cross room to activate the S'pht to follow you back into the tank guy room. You should wait in the side room, poking your head out only once in a while once a battle ensues. Done properly, the tanks and the S'pht will fight each other, leaving you to clean up the weaken remaining enemies."

I decided to test out this technique on Normal, and thought it would make for a great demonstration vid. I promptly hopped in on Major Damage and did a nice demo, which actually turned out quite good - it even demonstrates some very weird monster behavior on platforms. Without further ado, here it is:

Eat THIS, Vid Boi!
(6.9 KiB) Downloaded 260 times

A few things to note:

1) Going up and down the elevator is tricky, and I couldn't help but get dinged up a bit. Nevertheless, that's on Major Damage! All in all, you shouldn't let that little slip-up discourage you from using this trick: it's a very easy thing to pull off, once you try it one or two times.

2) It's good to try and get every enemy involved: that's why I shot those distant Compilers when I first went up - I wanted to make sure they'd join in. Unfortunately, two Fighters didn't join (or at least one of them ran off, and the other one just sat on his ledge). You can see me shooting one of them off and into the lava with a single pistol bullet (which is quite hilarious).
EDIT: There always seems to be a Fighter stuck on that ledge, and it always seems to take only one bullet to knock him into the lava. It's not very often you get repeated hilarity in Marathon!

3) As with most films, I do a bit of a dance at the end. I started doing one earlier, but noticed a red dot on my radar, and quickly stopped to find the alien. Soon enough I found the other blue Fighter, who did a spectacular attack while on the elevator. Would've been fun if I had intentionally stood in front of that wave of projectiles! Basically, when you come to my first little dance, don't stop; the film continues a little more.

Enjoy, and feel free to critique or provide useful tips!
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Somewhere in the 19th Century...

Post Jul 10th '13, 08:57

Forgot to mention: it'd probably be smarter to try and first drag the Cyborgs away from the elevator when you first go up, that way you're not having to deal with them on the way up, and you'll hopefully prevent them from swarming it when you come back down. You may even get some of the Fighters killed in the process! Sometimes the Cyborgs will wander out to the place where we teleport in, making your job much easier. However, you have to be careful to ensure that everybody gets dragged back to that room: the bulk of the Fighters sometimes won't come down, and some of the S'pht may be reluctant at first. It's better to slow down when you get back to the elevator, just to make sure everybody has time to catch up.
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Somewhere in the 19th Century...

Post Jul 11th '13, 02:29

You might like to try the Ketchup map, designed to show off the bug at the end of your film. It'll be fixed in 1.1, so enjoy the super-Pfhor while they last.

Old vidmaster films have dancing at the end because of a bug that Aleph One has fixed. Now it's just annoying.
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Post Jul 11th '13, 03:06

I forgot about that horrible bug until just now. All those... funny moments at the end of EMFH games... lost in time, like [coughs] tears... in... rain.
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