Rubicon 1st impression & constructive criticism

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Rubicon 1st impression & constructive criticism

Post Jul 28th '13, 11:36

After not having played Marathon in any of its forms for years it was with gusto i took to the original trilogy.

I was speechless when i discovered the incredible Rubicon download. I am honestly astounded by how far the engine has been pushed. Having been accustomed to puzzles alongside the shoot-em up theme, I was patient. I consider some of the elements of Rubicon are among the very best I've found, the ambience, map design...but the puzzles were not in my opinion, congruent. Obviously as an individual my perception has shifted with my age, but I soldiered on, referencing the online spoiler multiple times. I have just reached "Sea of Slime" and I find I am once again, wandering the map from end to end to find my way. It seems the flow just does not work for me. I find it frustrating in the extreme when I am faced with so many other facets of the game enticing me further...but my tolerance has limits. Having said all that, I must congratulate its creators, as so much of this game is very close to spot-on.

Post Jul 28th '13, 15:45

Just wait until that chapter is over.

The first two or three chapters of Rubicon are great, and then after that it falls apart.
All the terminals are variations of "Figure it out player" the narrative behind your actions fades away and things seem pointless.

Then in the last 4 levels of any path you take, the story comes back.

But everything before that is just air.

Post Jul 28th '13, 23:10

Bolstered by your input I deem another attempt worthwhile...cheers lah

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