rubicon: to x or not to x

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rubicon: to x or not to x

Post Jan 2nd '14, 16:46

Just a quick question about--Oh hey, is this the first post and the first thread of 2014? Cool--Just a quick question about Marathon: Rubicon.

I want to play it, but it seems that there is the expanded Rubicon X version. Sounds like a no-brainer there, but many are saying that Rubicon X significantly lowered the quality of the scenario. Tons of filler, increased difficulty, stuff like that. So my question is whether I should go for Rubicon X, or just plain vanilla Rubicon? Which offers the best story scenario? Which avoids Dragon Ball Z levels of filler? Which has the most reasonable difficulty ("reasonable" NOT being a euphemism for "easy"). Which the all around better version?

What is Marathon: Rubicon even about? All I know is the tagline "Truth is the first casualty of war", which has definitely got me intrigued. But what is the premise of the game. You are still playing as the Security Officer, right?

Post Jan 2nd '14, 19:50

There's filler at the beginning, but I think its better in every other way.

One improvement you never hear about is the level: "*Not This Again*" everyone is so fixated about it being an M2 remake of a dull level that they forget about the original Rubicon version of this level.
ITS A NIGHTMARE. As in it will actually give you nightmares.

That level has the same M2 hallways to start, but then you walk through a door and it looks as though someone pumped themselves full of drugs and just went nuts with the Forge tool.
Take a piece of paper and start violently scribbling, that's what the interior of this level is.

Yeah, download both.
First two levels in X are needless filler, then its the same Rubicon with More to it.

Core Wars is different too.

Post Jan 8th '14, 21:36

Just get X.

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