Eternal (and Infinity) timeline chart

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Eternal (and Infinity) timeline chart

Post May 22nd '14, 07:22

For no reason in particular I felt like creating a flowchart of timelines in Eternal, including how they relate to the timelines in Infinity. It's not as detailed as my original Marathon Trilogy timelines chart, because it's much bigger; a sort of summary of the original chart is subsumed as a small part of this chart.

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Post May 23rd '14, 19:09

The Ensurance Trip?

Post May 23rd '14, 19:36

Trap, not trip.

It's the name of the Chapter 4 "failure dream" level (which in this case is inaccurately described as that one is not a dream).

The name comes from a fictional book, "The Philosophy of Time Travel", from the movie Donnie Darko. Including the unusual spelling "ensurance" instead of "insurance".
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Post Feb 21st '15, 19:05


Thank you for this!
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