"Rubicon Secrets Guide" / Rozinante X secret areas

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"Rubicon Secrets Guide" / Rozinante X secret areas

Post Jun 6th '14, 22:37


I'm replaying Rubicon and reading Steve Levinson's Volunteers series along with it.

On Rozinante X (the last Rozinante on the Pfhor plank) I can see into the room with the 3x recharger and invincibility power up etc but haven't been able to get into it. I did some exploring and managed to find what I think is a pretty obscure secret - requiring a rocket jump and leading to an organic looking / Pfhor-ship style upper level with lots of those weird yellow Pfhor sprites, a carpet mortar and that eerie music that plays at the end of the dream levels.

However, this still has not led me to that room with the tasty gear in it.

On the Volunteers series page for this level ( http://forums.bungie.org/story/saread.p ... read=13855 ), Levinson refers to the 3x recharger room and links to his "Rubicon Secrets Guide". Unfortunately the link no longer works.

So I suppose my query is twofold:

1. Does anyone know how I can get into that secret room on Rozinante X? (And is the way there anything to do with the strange secret area I found?)

2. Is this "Rubicon Secrets Guide" available anywhere else?

Many thanks.
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Post Jun 7th '14, 04:27

You can use the wayback machine to access an older copy of the "Rubicon Secrets Guide."

https://web.archive.org/web/20020614182 ... tm#level60

The advice pertaining to Rozinante X is not more illuminating than the post linking to it however.
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Post Jun 7th '14, 18:02

Thanks. I actually managed to find it anyway. In the unlikely event anybody is interested, you get to it by heading up to the second floor area of the Rozinante (near that room that looks sort of like HAL's memory banks in 2001), hit a panel in the wall to reveal hidden wires which you smash to open up the door to get you into the 3x powerup room. Hitting that switch also opens another entrance to the bizarre secret area I had already discovered.

This is probably common knowledge to most Rubicon players, but I just never knew about it!
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Post Jun 18th '14, 20:05

Unfortunately the only secrets guide made related to Rubicon pre-X's changes. Some are still applicable as the Pfhor and Salinger planks are relatively unchanged, but there's several secrets in the intro levels that are new or changed (Honk If You're An Underpaid Cyborg's outer equipment room with the Shotgun most notably requires a fairly specific and well hidden secret teleporter that wasn't in X) as well as the entire Tycho plank. This guy seems to have compiled some but he still missed the intro levels.

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